coaching-and-healing-book-coverOur experience working with a variety of clients tells us that most every coaching topic has a healing or wellness element involved in it.   We see wellness as a state of being that relates directly to the quality of life each of us chooses to accept. We may each see this state of being differently, but all of us can have a positive sense of wellness even when we are dealing with significant challenges. Even in these difficult situations we believe it is possible to appreciate and enjoy life more than we do.

Stuff does go wrong. So how do people find the right balance, create a sense of coherence, and build resilience when illness, in whatever form, strikes? How do they heal? It is important to recognize that “healing” does not equate to “curing”. Curing is a medical process specific to an illness and is not a coaching topic. Healing, in our view, is a process that addresses the level of wellness in all of the primal intelligences – physical, (PQ) mental (IQ), emotional (EQ), and spiritual (SQ).

Through the coaching conversation we can explore what healing means for the individual involved, identify the emotions and beliefs that are impacting the situation, help in changing an illness narrative into a wellness narrative, and create development objectives and supporting practices that build resilience and create the opportunity to live a life more fully and with fewer restrictions. The end goal is to appreciate and enjoy life more, to show that even the most difficult health and emotional issues can bring positive things into your life.

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